La Chaise Rouge (The Red Chair) visits T’Frere’s Bed and Breakfast in Cajun Country

T'Frere's Bed and Breakfast

When La Chaise Rouge found out she was going to pay a visit to T’Frere’s Bed and Breakfast in Lafayette, she was so excited, the LBBA staff could hardly keep her still.  T’Frere’s has a new owner and the manager, Jeanne, took the LBBA staff (including Rouge) on a tour of the home. T’Frere’s is a beautiful bed and breakfast located in East Lafayette.  It was built in 1880 of Louisiana red cypress and hauled from the nearby Vermilion Bayou to its existing location on Verot School Road.  It has 4 guest rooms in the main house and 2 guest rooms in the Garconniere. The new owner plans to remodel some of the home but the most exciting addition will be the new courtyard adjacent to the house. The courtyard will provide space for weddings, receptions and special events.

Rouge at Vanity in T'Frere's

Rouge disappeared for awhile and we found her primping at the vanity in one of the rooms.  She also insisted on having her picture taken on the front porch and by the gazebo which guests enter when coming into the home.

One visit to Lafayette and Rouge now considers herself part Cajun!

Rouge on front porch of T'Frere's

Rouge at Gazebo at T'Frere's

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