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The Most Haunted Spots in Louisiana, Louisiana Bed and Breakfast Association
The Most Haunted Spots in Louisiana

Slamming doors, disembodied voices, and mysteriously moving objects are just some of the things you might experience while visiting these haunted spots across Louisiana. While there are lots of buildings and cemeteries claiming to have unnatural happenings, these 5 Louisiana locations are chilling to the bone. Spook yourself with these haunted tales or visit them in person to truly get shivers down your spine.


Shreveport Municipal Auditorium 

In Shreveport, the local auditorium is a place for musicians to play, crowds to gather, and memories to be made, but over the years people have seen interesting happenings around the property. One of the most sighted ghosts is that of a young girl who likes to play peek-a-boo and slam doors. Other people claim to hear Elvis talking and singing in the rafters. For almost 13 years, people have come to the auditorium for one of their haunted tours where unexplainable occurrences can happen around every corner.


Oak Alley Plantation

In the small Mississippi River-side town of Vacherie lies the Oak Alley Plantation, a stunning property with over 200 years of history. Over the years several ‘odd happenings’ have occurred at this mansion. Employees have been touched when working alone, objects have been known to inexplicably fly across the room, and many have heard the sound of a child crying or the sounds of horses. This plantation has a long history of enslavement and many say that their souls are still on the property. Today, you can visit the plantation for a tour or stay on-site in their bed & breakfast.

Marie Laveau’s Grave

Marie Laveau is known as the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans and her gravesite still attracts hundreds every day to ask for Laveau to grant their wishes. In her time, Laveau was known to use spells to bestow gifts to the poor, oversee spiritual rites, and even heal the sick and ill. While you cannot visit her gravesite on your own, you can hire a tour guide to take you there and teach you all about Laveau’s impact on New Orleans’ lore. Some say Laveau’s spirit haunts the entire cemetery. You can find out more through our blog post The Cemeteries & Tours in New Orleans.

Magnolia Plantation

In Natchitoches, LA, the Magnolia Plantation is one of the most haunted places in the South. There have been several voodoo curses on the property over the years with the most noticeable being on the metal crosses that decorated the Lecomte family graves. Inside the beautifully ornate designs are West African voodoo symbols hidden there by the enslaved blacksmiths. To this day, motion detectors are often triggered without a cause and the sounds of voices floating through the air can be heard in the main house.

LaLaurie Mansion

The New Orleans Haunted House is none other than Madame LaLaurie’s former house. Shows like American Horror Story have introduced this property to many people who now want to see the haunted mansion. In 1834, a fire broke out at the mansion and brought to light the tortured slaves in LaLaurie’s care. Ever since, there have been reports of paranormal activity coming from this house, from slamming doors to people feeling like they have been touched when no one was near them.

Keep an eye out for these paranormal properties! Autumn is the perfect time to get spooky and visit some of these haunted spots across Louisiana. You never know what you’ll see during a visit, tour, or stay at these places.

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