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COVID-19 Statement

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Assumption Parish, Louisiana Bed and Breakfast Association
Assumption Parish

Posted by: Mae Mayeux

Some people say that Walt Whitman is the greatest American poet. Every literary scholar agrees that he was the first distinctly American poet to give voice to this great nation’s spirit. Here is an excerpt from his first and, many would argue, his greatest poem: “What I assume you shall assume, for every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.” Maybe you remember that line from your high school English class. Walt Whitman visited Louisiana but there’s no record of him visiting Assumption Parish. He may as well have. Every atom of Assumption Parish as good belongs to you. Assumption Parish, Louisiana is ready for you to discover it. It is ready for you to loaf and invite your soul to delight in this wonderful parish’s many peaceable pleasures.

Assumption Parish was named after a church, the Church of the Assumption (which obviously has nothing to do with the word “assume” as in Walt Whitman’s poem – though an easy mistake to make). Assumption Parish became the eighth parish of the Orleans Territory in 1807. Its southernmost tip is about 25 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. Its history is rooted in its waterways and large expanse of fertile soils ideal for farming. Being settled by French and Spanish settlers, the area retains strong cultural ties to its past with conversational French still common among its residents. Louisiana’s Assumption Parish sings itself and celebrates itself every day in every way. You know what happens when you assume? Assumption Parish isn’t like that. No one feels foolish within its borders. Assumption Parish hospitality has few rivals. It is geographically made up of 365 square miles, one square mile for every day in a year. For our European readers, it takes up 945 square kilometers. It’s less poetic when you describe Assumption Parish in metric terms. 22,842 people called Assumption Parish home during the 2010 U.S. census. Those were 22,842 lucky people. Most of them are still lucky. Most of them still live in Assumption Parish. When someone falls in love with Assumption Parish, they find it difficult to leave. The fertile, well-watered soil of Assumption Parish has never been the setting of epic battles or renowned romances. This parcel of Louisiana is where people live out their lives contentedly, sticking together, supporting each other, falling in love, marrying, raising families, and making do by getting by one day at a time. Every day in Assumption Parish is better than the day before. You’ll see that for yourself when you visit. Your first day will be dandy. On your second day, you’ll hate to leave. Assume the best in Assumption Parish. The best is yet to come. The seat of government in the parish is its only incorporated village: Napoleonville. No one who calls Assumption Parish home says that nothing important happens here. Every day here is a revelation of life lived well amid good friends and pleasant company. You can make a lot of friends in Assumption Parish -- about 22,000 of them. If you want to experience the real Louisiana outside of a chain hotel off a random highway exit ramp, think about staying at a Louisiana Bed and Breakfast Inn. LaBelle Riviere Bed and Breakfast is located in Belle River, which is in Assumption Parish, an area settled by Acadians that were deported as well as Frenchmen that fled France. Plan ahead and make your visit to Louisiana’s parishes worth your while because they are worth remembering. The Louisiana Bed and Breakfast Association is your go-to site to find the most authentic places to stay when you visit our fair state. You won’t be disappointed. Louisiana Bed and Breakfast innkeepers are reliable guides to all things Louisiana. Bievenue en Louisiane, mes amis!