Tour du Teche, 2014

Paddlers in BayouBayou Teche in Southwestern Louisiana will be the waterway for the annual Tour du Teche, a race for canoes, kayaks and pirogues. The 3-day race takes place along entire length of Bayou Teche, 135 miles, along with small sections of Bayou Courtableau and the Atchafalaya River.

Tour de Teche began in 2010 for the purpose of introducing the beautiful Teche Country to paddlers and other eco-tourists as well as to illustrate for its residents the recreational, aesthetic, cultural and economic value of Bayou Teche.

There are many activities associated with this event, including Petite Tour de Teche III for young paddlers. For more information, visit their website:

There are several bed and breakfasts located along the route. Please check our listings and consider staying at one of them.