Crazy About Crawfish

Sometimes called “mud bugs,” these little crustaceans enjoy a devoted following, especially in Breaux Bridge, site of the annual Crawfish Festival. Or follow the fun north to Festival Plaza in Shreveportfor Mudbug Madnessin May. For a little seafood variety, head to Winnsboro for the Franklin Parish Catfish Festival each year

How to Eat a Crawfish

Now some folks here in Louisianathink this is an Olympic event. Its not, but you do have to have some technique down to be able to enjoy the little critters. 

• Grasp the head with one hand, and the tail with the other.

• Gently squeeze the tail, near where it connects with the head.

• Twist the tail until it separates from the head.

• Peel away the top part of the tail and eat the meat by pulling it out of the shell with your teeth simultaneously applying a slight pushing motion upward from the bottom (like getting toothpaste from the tube).